August 1, 2016


Heroes & Horses, Inc. is a non-profit organization that operates on the generosity of individuals and companies that value helping others to help themselves.  Our contributors are among the most incredible people in the world.  We thank you.  If you would like to join us in the Pasture by donating toward this effort just click the Donate button below.

Your Contributions

Your investment in helping others go directly to the Equine Experience for participants.  care/feeding of the Equine Partners.  Our administrative fees include: Care/Feeding of Equine Partners (Herd), Ranch upkeep, Facilitators, Insurances, Veterinary and other expenses necessary to keep the program viable.

Donations may be directed to a specific population: 

  • Ranch Fund (Feed, Veterinarian, Upkeep)
  • Veterans and Families
  • First Responders and Families
  • Anyone who can benefit

All Individuals donating automatically become a member of the Heroes & Horses Support Network. Our target populations include:  Veterans, First Responders, Care Givers, Families of all, Staff Team Building, those in Recovery. All sessions include:  Equine Assisted Learning/Therapy,  pictures of session and Journals.

  • $15  – feeds 3 horses per day
  • $30  – feeds 6 horses per day
  • $125  – individual 1 hour Equine Assisted Learning Session
  • $175 –  1.5 hour EAL Session for up to 5 participants
  • $225 –  2 hour EAL Session for up to 5 participants
  • $500 and over – A complimentary Session for the contributor in addition to a 1.5 hour session for participants.