Heroes & Horses in the news: Lifestyles Magazine

Heroes & Horses in the news: Lifestyles Magazine

Thank you to Lifestyles, a special publication for the residents of Prescott Lakes, for featuring Heroes & Horses in the February 2020 edition.

Here is the transcript of the article:

RESIDENTS WITH INFLUENCE —By Sara Dolan, Prescott Lakes Resident


Welcome to Prescott Lakes, a.k.a.”an enchanted Norman Rockwell town”. I believe most folks who live in Prescott Lakes would agree. We reside in one of the best places in this world to live. Blue skies, sunshine and friendly people make this true. We have a charming and historical downtown, beautiful trails and our amazing Dells to appreciate. We should be grateful, as a community, for the bounty that surrounds us each and every day.



Now may be the perfect time to consider what we can do to give back. Imagine helping others who have bravely protected our community and kept us safe.


A few years ago I felt the need to give back to our local veterans and first responders. A dear friend of mine, John Gunby recommended that I speak to Ann Balowski.


She founded the non-profit organization, Heroes & Horses. They work closely with veterans and first responders who have been through extremely traumatic situations.


On our first meeting, Ann and I clicked immediately. Ann puts her heart and soul into helping others. I was amazed at learning about the exceptional programs Heroes & Horses offers. Their specially designed programs with horses offer new experiences to assist participants in overcoming emotional, psychological and physical set- backs.


Heroes & Horses is the bridge which helps heal the lingering effect of trauma.



This is their story.


I would like to invite you to visit the Heroes & Horses website.You can learn more by exploring the depth of these valuable programs. Heroes & Horses offers incredible empowerment to strengthen these important people in our community. We all benefit from acknowledging and supporting each other.


‘Heroes & Horses’


Humans healing with the help of horses.




‘Heroes & Horses, Inc’ veterans, communities and families build confidence, clarity and connection through equine assisted empowerment.




We imagine a world where every veteran, first responder and everyday hero has the tools, resources and support to live an empowered life and make positive contributions to their family and community.


What We Do


Our team of humans and horses provides alternative therapy for veterans, first responders, everyday heroes and their families to process and cope with the effects of occupational trauma.


Who We Serve


We serve men and women have served their community and country by placing themselves in the line of danger, experiencing repetitive exposure to abusive, threatening or tragic situations, to benefit of their community and their country.


Why Horses


Sharing personal challenges with an equine partner who has experienced trauma, loss or abuse creates a bond that enables personal disclosure with a trusted confidant.


What a wonderful world it could be if we give back!


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