September 20, 2016

Services, Populations, Programs

The WHAT of the Program:

Whether we work with individuals, groups, staff development or families our focus is allowing the natural equine herd dynamic to be front and center.  It’s between the horse and human.  As facilitators we just observe and reflect.

  • The programs that Heroes & Horses offer provide learning and healing from issues that include: addiction (alcoholism, drug addiction, compulsive gambling, family dysfunction, abuse physical/emotional/mental, trust and connection issues, lack of purpose, Untitled-1anger/rage, emotional coherency and resiliency, pre and post deployment.
  • Other programs are focused on teaching, facilitating and empowering others with educational, healing and communications challenges.
  • Heroes & Horses is one of the few Equine Programs that integrates HEARTMATH into exercises and offerings.heartmath logo
  • We speak 12 Step at our programs.  We lovingly say that our horses have worked all 12 Steps and make great sponsors.

The WHO of the Population:

  • Individuals who express the smallest desire to reclaim their lives by walking through the blocks in a safe place, with safe people and creatures. (Examples:  Fire Responders, EMT, Military, Medical, Police, Social Workers, Therapists, Coaches, Families of all and other vocations that serve the community by placing themselves in the line of danger, repetitive exposure to abusive, threatening & tragic situations.)
  • Any individual or group of individuals who have a desire to shift from emotional discomfort, unsuccessful coping methods and inability to connect or trust that has or is affecting their relationships with self and/or others.
  • Individuals who may have experienced the consequences of witnessing/experiencing trauma, human tragedy, battle both actual and preparing for, loss of self and family/friends/life goals and other life changing situations.
  • Students seeking a direction in life.

 Equine Assisted Learning is a wonderful way of sorting things out and setting priorities.  Learning Horsemanship and the resulting confidence translates into every aspect of life. 

Heroes & Horses, Inc. programs include:

  • The Moving Canvas – expressions of trauma, healing and other emotional blocks through creative efforts by painting those thing directly on their equine partners.
  • Expression and imagination create new pathways in the brain.

    Expression and imagination create new pathways in the brain.

    The Herd Dynamic –- (Herd vs. Pack) Learning more about the dynamics of partnership and connecting with others. Developing trust and the ability to become more vulnerable in a safe place.

  • Grief and Loss – losing a Herd through both deployment and returning home.  Developing a new one.
  • Pressure/Pain/ReCircle – teaches humans how to process emotional triggers and develop healthy boundaries
  • Speaking the Unspeakable – sharing the shame. Observation and Communication about the deepest “secrets” that often are the foundation for continuing in a destructive cycle of self-abuse (rage, anxiety, depression, addiction and other self-defeating choices.
  • Family Workshops which include all available family members. Increasing family connection and providing the “arena” to work out the family secrets.
  • Team Building Sessions for service providers designed to facilitate teamwork and self-compassion
  • HeartMath – Developing coherence for improved processing of issues related to depression, anxiety and other energy drains. Decreases the “reactive” reflex and increases “responsive” choice.
  • Intern Program – providing real time training and experience to interested Veterans, First Responders and Family members who wish to explore alternate employment/career opportunities. Heroes & Horses, Inc. Intern Program offers practical experience and confidence building for Interns and the opportunity to pass on the healing they have received.
  • Students – providing Horsemanship training, Facilitation and exploration into the world of equine as a possible career path.