Meet Te Amo

Meet Te Amo

In Memoriam: Te Amo

Te Amo was a beloved member of our equine herd who passed away in 2019. He had a delightful personality, despite being neglected in his early years. Our team at Heroes & Horses memorialized him with this tribute:

Te Amo, you are so missed. How many hundreds of people did you help? How many remember you and smile?

This little mustang was rescued from being locked inside a small enclosure and having food thrown at him every few days. His water was filled with algae and mold. Once he was rescued, though, my how he flourished with a little love and caring! He shared his zest for life by taking the fly masks off the rest of the herd and throwing his hay in the water. Bailey, his marefriend—which is the horse equivalent of “girlfriend,” for you non-horse people—was at his side all the time. The two of them stayed connected and felt safe with each other. It was a relationship many of us will never experience. Bailey is now learning to depend on other herd members for her safety and companionship.

Te Amo, we look for you each time we see the herd and then remember you are not there. Thank you for your steadfast presence for our veterans and everyday heroes. A strong herd of veterans created a headstone for your grave and we visit you often. We envision you running the desert hills with a band of wild mustangs and laughing.

You are free and we are enriched by knowing you. Run wild, you sweet soul!